Practising the dots

Your organization lives in a dynamic world where operations and projects overlap every day and influence your results. Under these circumstances, it is important for your organization to make the connection between its business objectives and the way its projects are governed. This is our speciality.

Optimizing the dots

Management issues

  • Do you have a hard time defining and enforcing the scope of your projects?
  • Do you have difficulty complying with your deadlines?
  • Are you Projects regularly late?
  • Do you have any project where you are experience difficulty or signigicant failures?
  • Do you have a hard time putting in Place Project Management Processes and tools?
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Monitoring the dots

Take the worry out of managing your projects finances

 Reduce by 20% to 25% your administrative management costs
Optimize by 30% to 40% your billing process by automate your administration processes including the accounting system.
 Reliable and safe technology solutions
Confidentiality of the information ensured
No investment required
 Automation of your projects processes
Ongoing monitoring of your budgets and project margins performed by experts.
Alerts available to provide advanced notice of your project stakes.
 Standardization of your project management practice
Increase and optimize the efficienty of your projects margins management skills
 Taking over your operations at any time and access to experts
No further investment in training, in replacement or in skills developpement of your employees in this area
Elimination of human ressources management problems

One solution, outsourcing finance management of your projects

You are a firm which undertakes projects. Two options exists for you

Outsourcing the finance management of your projects to our experts                                                                                                     Acquiring the software of timesheets management, expenses, work, and your online projects billing.                                
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Outsourcing the finance management of your projects



Planning the dots

Management issues

  • Lagging projects due to a lack of resources and/or inappropriate resource planning
  • More projects to carry out than available teams can handle
  • Recurring question: who does what?
  • Project or day to day job ?
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Assessing the dots

The success of your projects past by qualified resources including project managers resources with strong project management skills. To avoid having failure in your projects be sure to increase the skills of resources and hire the good project manager. SIRIUS Consulting proposes to guide you in the development of your resources in project management and in help you hiring process.

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Processing the dots

The success of your projects is going through a good governance, projects processes and work breakdown structure (WBS) that will allow you to plan, manage and follow your projects with strong rigor. To avoid having failure in your projects, SIRIUS Consulting proposes to guide you in the improvement of your gourvance, project management process and tools that are attached.

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