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The V-formation method

Version : 2011

Presented by : Robert Derome

Author : Bob Bendis, Don Corsaro

ISBN Code : 978-0615468334

Category : Skills set

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When it comes to managing projects, is your organization in total disarray? ....or is everyone flying in the same formation? What does project management have to do with geese? How can you apply this "v formation" behavior to the issues that "projects" cause organizations? How do the two relate? Project Management and The V-Formation Method™ A single, universal project management "system" that can be used by any type of group or enterprise of any size, and one that provides uniformity of methods, easy replication, and an emphasis on teamwork. A system that works for any type of project, as well as every level; from a single small internal group to a large international organization. Part I of the book serves as a "how to manual" for "do it yourself" implementation. Part II is a story of the system in action.

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