Monitoring the dots

Why Outsourcing?

  • You have difficulties to follow and quantify incurred expenses, and to get from your employees the performance forecasts of your projects.
  • You have difficulties to identify and manage continuously your project’s margins. You loose money with your projects.
  • The billing cycle of your services are too long and costly. The impact: the collection delays of your client account is high.
  • You are looking for a way of saving money for your firm.

Our Outsourcing Solution:

You don’t have to worry about anything, SIRIUS takes care, on your behalf, of the administration of your project, your expenses, the monitoring of your margins and your project billing production through your forwarded datas.

Simplify your Financial Monitoring Process:

You just have to give us the informations about your employees’ timesheets and expenses account via :
  • Our software ABAK360 or by an Excel file sent by email.
  • Approval of the time and expenses
  • New customers and projects names with their budgets
  • Information relating to the outbreak of the billing

Stay in control, SIRIUS guarantees:

  • The treatment and monitoring of the timesheets and expenses accounts of your employees.
  • The monitoring of your project’s costs and performance forecats
  • The monitoring and the oversight of your project’s profit margin.
  • The production and validation of your billing (Weekly, twice weekly, or monthly)
  • The electronic mailing of the client’s bills
  • The production of all your management reports