Optimizing the dots

If it can't be drawn and can't be sketched, it certainly can't be built

Scott Berkun 

The success of your project depends on your practices, processes and management tools to plan, manage and track your projects effectively.

By using goods pratices, increase the success of your projects

Your needs

  • Establish and implement processes and effective management tools to properly plan and track your projects.
  • Put in place tools to monitor the scope, the costs and project timelines.
  • Put in place tools to better estimate resources, effort, costs and risks related to your projects.
  • Put in place specific management reports to track the progress of you projects regarding the scope, effort estimation, schedule and cost.
  • Predict the results of projects considering the actual efforts and regular forecasts to avoid any budget or schedule overruns.

Starting a project

Improve your startup project process by introducing best practices of project management.

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Project planning

Improve your planning process (schedules, deadlines, budgets, risks etc ...).

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Learn how to develop key performance indicators (KPI) and dashboards that allow you to measure the progress of your projects.

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