Coaching and Diagnostic of Project Management

Our Support For Your Success

Sirius consulting is a master in the art of helping businesses to conduct an assessment of their project management. We offer a diagnostic service on the following matters:

  • process and project management methodologies
  • Project lifecycle
  • Project dashboards
  • Project portfolio management
  • Projects turnaround process
  • Resources’ skills and abilities
  • Key performance indicators – KPI

Furthermore, sirius developed an important expertise in coaching and mentoring people involved in project management . We can assist you in the planning and monitoring of your projects or in the usage of project management and monitoring tools. We will listen and answer your questions on any matter related to your projects, such as results, budgets, costs, resources, risks, assignments, timelines, dashboard, tools, programs management or project portfolio management.

Through our diagnostic or our coaching services, your processes, your information system and your project management practices (planning and efficiency) will be enhanced.