Planning the dots

Diagnostic, audit and assessment of assignment management practices

SIRIUS Consulting can assist your business or organization in reviewing its assignment management. We master the different processes, mechanisms and techniques for estimating resources and monitoring the actual effort expended.

At the end of this exercise, you will receive a written report with a precise, rigorous and effective diagnostic of your workforce management. This report will allow you to:

  • Improve your practices and skills to assess, control and monitor your projects assignments (Work units, percentage availability, workload);
  • Optimize the use of tools to control and monitor resource management
  • Examine your ability to gauge the impact of change requests on assignments.
  • Reconcile operational needs and project requirements (roles, responsibilities and tasks)

With the guidance of SIRIUS, improve the assessment, control and monitoring of resource utilization, through good planning and the appropriate indicators. Refine your project portfolio and capacity management. Use the resource availability managementtoolsthat are the most appropriate.

Ask for diagnosis.