Planning the dots

To enhance your resource assignments, we recommend combining our consulting services with the implementation of our software.

SIRIUS Software has a software suite that can help you effectively manage your projects, time, processes and assignments as well as evaluate your personnel’s skills.
EPM Cloud 360 is a complete Microsoft Project Server virtual environment, preconfigured and ready to use, available for a fraction of the price of a full installation. In addition to providing access to one of the best project management tools, EPM Cloud 360:

  • Simplifies project implementation and the development of trade scripts
  • Provides a publication tool for your projects for stakeholders, project teams, etc.
  • Automatically generates a collaborative website for each project
  • Helps manage resource availabilities and assignments based on profile
  • Populates and distributes a “project” scoreboard
  • Electronically updates the project plan with the hours worked
  • Helps develop and manage the project portfolio